December 3, 2013

Art Docent Gone Rouge

I became an art docent when Graeden was in first grade. Now I work with all of the boys' classes. The program involves teaching art principles and most lessons show works by the masters. Some of the projects are pretty cool. Others aren't that great so the other docents and I change them up a bit to keep us interested. What I like most about it is not the art per se, but the opportunity to interact with my boys' classmates on a fun level and learn their names...and to give them hugs and kisses in front of all their friends. Ha ha.

This year in Graeden's class, I've yet to do an official project. But we had lots of fun today. I brought in needles and thread with bright felt to make these cute owl, tree, and bird ornaments. If you look close, you can find a purple Pac Man and teddy bear, too. I may have spent a few hours last night making the patterns and samples of the project. And several hours at the school today helping the kids and then cutting out the tree to display them on.

Kira was fairly popular, too. When she announced that she had to go potty and I was in the middle of hot gluing the ribbon on an ornament and Graeden wouldn't take her a few of the girls in his class took her. Of course, by the time I got there she was telling them how she wouldn't pee in that stall. Or the next one. Ha ha. I pulled her pants down quickly and put her on a third toilet. What we don't have time for is cleaning up a mess on the floor.

A group of 5th grade girls took Kira out to the playground for recess. She loved it. After coming back to class, I'm not sure the kids got any of their work done. She was stealing everyone's "phone" (calculator) and pretending to make calls. Silent reading time was full of giggles and toddler outbursts. She had Graeden's teacher wrapped around her finger and giving her snacks every hour.

I got so wrapped up in helping finish up the project that I forgot I needed to pick up Jocelyn from her school 20 minutes away. So, luckily I remembered on the way home. But I was still super late picking her up. Yikes! I sent Graeden in to get her so the office workers wouldn't connect my face to Jocelyn's. Not that it really matters. They see me every morning I get her there late.

Sorry for the lack of camera phone does that sometimes. Maybe kids playing on it have turned off the stabilization mode.
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