March 30, 2013

Easter Lovin'

Last Sunday's FaceBook Status Update:
The kids got in the car after church with pockets full of Easter eggs. After church got out someone noticed an egg in the grass and a ton of kids gathered them up. 
Hmmm...I'm pretty sure the person setting up this hunt was from the group that meets after ours. They're in for a surprise right about now. I'm afraid they'll go outside for their hunt and find that all the eggs are gone.

This afternoon we enjoyed an egg hunt and Easter dinner with friends and family at our home.

I'm not sure if it was one of the dads or teens hiding eggs or if Toby got to the yard first, but Jett got a nasty surprise when he missed seeing Toby's pile of poo but DID see the egg next to it. I asked him to wash his hands with soap and he asked me why...really? You've got poop on your hand and you ask me why? Where's my cartoon germ book? We need another reading.

Turns out that Toby loves Easter egg hunts. He was running all over the yard finding eggs, breaking them open and trying to eat all the candy inside. Brilliant!

My favorite shot was the last one I took. Kira and her cousin were the cutest.

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March 24, 2013

It's Great To Be Eight!

My dear sweet Elliott was baptized tonight.

He asked me to do one of the talks for the service.
I agreed.
Albeit, reluctantly.
I've had a lot on my plate this week.
But Tymon guilted me into saying yes.
With, "How often will he be baptized?"
And, "He wants you to do it."

After the opening song and prayer,
The bishop announced that I'd be talking about Baptism,
I look at him like he's made a mistake,
"No that's Lindsay."
(She's Elliott's Sunday School teacher.)

I looked at her to back me up.
But she wasn't jumping up.
I mean really, she was doing the one on Baptism.
I was doing the one on the Holy Spirit.


She prepared for the Holy Spirit.
And the program had her name in that slot.

I stood up.
A bit flustered.
Because really?
I prepared for the wrong one?

My deodorant wore off fast.
Was anyone else hot?

Kira clung to me.
My Dad tried to take her.
She wouldn't leave me.

That's okay.
I was buying time.
Trying to think.
Drawing blank.

I looked around the room
Ready to to call on someone else to save me.
I didn't want to do it in the first place.
My face grew hot.
This can't be happening.
Except it is.
But it shouldn't have.

After all,
But obviously didn't read it.

Our fantastic bishop gave me a scripture
To start me out.
John 3:5
Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirithe cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
And I spoke.
It wasn't horrible.
But it wasn't great, either.
And not nearly as fantastic as what I'd prepared.

Tymon baptized Elliott.
My brothers and two nieces sang.
The girls sounded like angels
Straight from heaven.

Lindsay spoke of gifts
And the gift of the Holy Ghost.
She asked Elliott what the best present he ever got was.
He hemmed and hawed.
She revised the question,
"How about just a great present but maybe not the best one?"
I thought he'd say Toby.
Elliott's been wanting a dog for years.

After a few more pauses, he answered.
That the best gift he's ever been given
Is his life.

Lindsay wasn't expecting that.
And I just wanted to hug
My little boy
Who sees so much
For one so young.

After my embarrassing moment,
I felt the peace of the evening.
Heavenly Father is pleased
With Elliott's choice to follow Him.
And so am I.
I'm blessed to have him for my son.
In case you're wondering
What I'm going to do with my awesome talk
On the Holy Spirit,
I've decided to teach it as
Our Family Night lesson tomorrow.

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March 15, 2013

Grave Robber

I recently heard that our gerbil grave site had been disturbed.
The paper box casket has been torn up and the three gerbil siblings are gone.
Eaten, we presume.
Toby and I checked it out.
And he let everyone know what he thinks of the Grave Robber.
Next time we bury an animal, we'll have to make sure
We dig at least 6 inches down.
And then invite Toby to defile it.
Maybe then it'll be safe from the
Grave Robber.

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March 13, 2013


Elliott joined the cub scouts tonight. It's his 8th birthday today. My sweet sweet boy.

On the way to our den meeting tonight I asked Elliott if he could have anything for his birthday, what would it be? I was hoping he'd say a dog. He didn't disappoint. "I want a live dog, Mom."  My boys have asked for a dog so many times. I've always said no. I don't want dog hair all over my clothes. I don't want to clean up messes.

Last Saturday, a friend and I went to another friend's house to make soap. I won't give the details on our failure here...let's just say the day ended with our hostess in the ER with a special contact lens in her eye that has a tube attached. That's the way they flush lye out of an eye. It took an hour and a half of the slow drip to get it out. She's okay now but her soap days are over.

The only reason I digress is that when I was there, I met Toby. He's part min pin and part dachshund. Three of the household are allergic to his fur and he needed to find a new home.

Hmmm....cute dog. Small. Likes kids. Free. Comes with leash and food.....I texted Tymon. Should we take him? Yes. Elliott would get a dog for his birthday. And he'd be coming over after we got home from cub scouts. I told the boys on the way home that Toby had just arrived at our house. They hounded me to find out just who this Toby was. I told them he was their new best friend. They wanted to know how old he was. 6 months. A baby? I told them we were adopting him. I didn't ever mention the word dog. So they thought they were coming home to a new adopted baby. Oh boy are they excited!

Happy Birthday Elliott!
Welcome to the Johns Family, Toby!

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March 1, 2013

Brighter Crow's Feet: March Challenge

It's already March and I've made progress on my Crow's Feet but haven't been 100%. But that's okay. I'm making progress. January's goal was to write down three things I'm thankful for each day. Out of 60 or so possible entries, I'm sure I have 42. (And every day for the first 23 days).

February was my month of letters challenge. I was just not into it this year like last. I wrote 21 letters in 28 days plus a few electronic ones. At least one of them was a success - I wrote to a service provider to drop a bill and they did. That was nice. I'm still hoping to hear back from Costco.

March is exercise month. Ten minutes of daily exercise is required. We realized this about 9 pm tonight. Oops. The kids were bouncing off the walls, so we had them get their shoes on and we took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. I'm not sure why our children can't be quiet when everyone else is, but they couldn't. At least we didn't see any neighbors peeking out their windows and no one shushed us, so that's a bonus.

Graeden and Elliott on on the same basketball team this year. Graeden has improved his playing so much. The last few games, he's made 5 and 6 baskets. I'm excited for him.  

Elliott is still learning about personal space when on defense. It can be pretty funny to watch. I'm excited to see how much improvement he will make in the next year or two.


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