January 7, 2014

Dogs Eat People

The house is calm. Tymon and the kids have left for school and work. My sweet baby now peacefully sleeps late into the morning after staying up past midnight. She's a night owl like her parents. Our month of December was full and bright. Here are some photos of our Christmas Eve nativity reenactment with my brother and his wife and their new baby, starring as the Christ child. 

We've got Christmas morning and the aforementioned sweet baby as Cindy Lou Who with her new Cabbage Patch Kid. That was a gift of nostalgia for me. The first doll I ever wanted was a CPK. At the time, they were new and there were lines in the stores to get them. I had to wait months for supply to meet demand and the price to drop. Some parents were paying up to $200 to get them, but our family would wait.

Tymon gave my computer to the boys and I'm now using a little Mac. My keyboard didn't have the right connector and I just got a new one yesterday. I must say, it's been a nice little computer vacation for me. I still use them at the office and sort of kept up with correspondence via my phone, but for the most part, I've been offline and catching up on my reading. We've also got some internet connection issues with a new router and that's been frustrating, but contributes to the offline vacation, as well. 

Jocelyn and Kira got roughed up by our neighbor's dog on New Year's Day. Their son let him out of his cage. Kira got a puncture wound and Jocelyn got puncture plus other marks. They are healing well, but now Kira has a dog complex and she shows everyone her bite mark...when the "dog tried to eat" her. I'm not sure how to go about making this into a positive learning experience. I haven't seen the dog out for the last few days, which is nice, but still. I don't want it to be awkward with the neighbors and tell them what to do with their dog. At the same time, I don't want a dangerous dog in the neighborhood. When you run away from this dog, she thinks you're playing. I am grateful that the girls aren't seriously hurt and have mixed feelings for dog.

I've lost my 2013 goals in the computer switch...but I'm hoping to find them. I think I've completed at least half of them, but that doesn't include the ones I've forgotten I made. 

I've got some goals for this month, too. I'm reading the scriptures daily to contribute to spiritual health and also doing 16 push-ups and 16 tricep presses to contribute to my physical health. Doing the physical 6 days per week will get me just over 5000 of each exercise in 2014. I may need to adjust that up as I get stronger, though. I already feel a difference after just a few days. I'm also going to document a few events from my 2013 life so I have planned to blog a few stories from Serbia, New Orleans and Hawaii. Ideally, I'll get those done this month.

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