February 19, 2014

CPS - Unchecked Power

I'm reposting this article Matt Walsh wrote about the horrors of CPS because I still have a bad taste in my mouth from our own CPS nightmare. At the start of every school year for the past three years we've had social workers coming to see us. It's always unfounded. But the threat of ripping our family apart still makes me uneasy. I never thought any of this would ever happen to me.

The Matt Walsh Blog
Land of the Free: where the government can kidnap your child and lock her in a psych ward for a year

How can we, the people, fight the government on this unchecked power to rip kids out of their homes? 

One thought is that parents should have to be charged with a crime and convicted before children are taken away from them. This will prevent so much pain and anguish for the thousands of families who are falsely accused.

When parents are rightly accused, charged and convicted, their children should be placed with family members, good neighbors or friends instead of going into foster care. Parents should still have choice in the placement of their children! 

For repeat offenders, a "three strikes and you're out" rule would stop the revolving door of foster care that can sometimes go for years on end. A parent convicted three times of child abuse (or neglect if they were on drugs) would prompt the State to terminate parental rights. The abused children would then get a shot at adoption.

In case you were wondering, children are legally considered property and cannot be seized without a court order. Phew! Except social workers and judges only get their paychecks if kids are removed from homes. That means it's in their financial interest to do just that. They can always give them back later with an OOPS!stamped on the file and you the innocent parent has absolutely no recourse.

Okay, rant over. I've got to calm myself down before I move to Antarctica, where the government never steals children.

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