February 5, 2014

Seahawks Super Bowl Victory Parade

Forget school today, we loaded the kids in the car this morning, dropped Kira off at her daycare and headed to Seattle. Tymon was going to take us to a transit center so we could take a bus. Ha ha. Traffic didn't cooperate and we ended up driving in.

We were so afraid we'd miss the parade. We got to Westlake Center about 11:10 and it started at the Seattle Center at 11am...or so we thought.

We ran into our neighbors on the street. I'm not sure what the odds of that are. Maybe slim to one? Reports are that 700,000 people lined the 2 mile parade route. I don't really know, but I think maybe 100,000 were around the Westlake Center. It was packed, which was really disappointing for my children. They couldn't see very much of anything besides people. 

So here we are feeling the bass of the music, getting to know our fellow celebrators and dancing around, thinking that any moment the Seahawks would come into view. Nope. After 45 minutes of waiting...and waiting...and waiting...I took Jocey off my shoulders. The parade started an hour late because the players were stuck in traffic. Ha ha. I hadn't even considered that. They got to us about 12:45 pm.

There was very little cell service. Occasionally I could get a text in and out. I was supposed to go to Olympia (State Capitol) this afternoon for a hearing, but didn't make it. Oops. I'll get the down low tomorrow when I go to the office.

Getting out was no problem since we didn't go to CenturyLink stadium. Only 10% of the crowd could fit in there but many seemed to stay in town. We headed home, picked up Kira and went out to lunch/dinner.
Photo stolen from Robin Nieforth Jensen (friend of a friend)

Was it worth it? I don't know for sure. But it does feel good to be a part of a whole, especially when that whole is unified. There were more people in the crowd than the entire population of the city of Seattle.

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