April 13, 2014


Tymon and Elliott are sunning it up in Singapore right now...because what 9 year old kid doesn't want to go to Asia? I can name a ten year old who wouldn't want to go. But not a 9 year old. They are visiting Tymon's brother, who lives there. I believe Elliott is thriving with the one on one attention from his father and loving the new experiences he's having.

They spent a few days in Bali, checking out all the places that someday I may get to see. Here they are after doing an ATV ride all over the countryside. The boots are my favorite part of the outfits. Ha ha. 

Tymon expected Spyra to die while he was away because he's the one who feeds her. Graeden got a thorough lecture about how he's going to have to remember to do it while Tymon's away. I'm happy to report that two days shy of Tymon's return and Spyra is still alive.

Her escape however was probably inevitable. Just Graeden and I were in the office when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move near him. And by move, I mean it was a lot faster than a piece of paper floating off the desk. Of course he saw nothing. 

I shut the office door and checked the cage. Then asked Graeden where Spyra was. Ha ha. He looked at me like, what the heck? Where is she? Then she poked her head out from under the desk.

Very quickly a game of cat and mouse ensued. Except this time the cat was Graeden and Jett and the mouse was a gerbil. Ahhh, and who said having only one gerbil isn't very exciting? Graeden asked if we could get a male gerbil. He didn't think having all the babies was the same nightmare we thought it was. Ha ha ha. But he's right, my blog posts flourished during the gerbil breeding months.

Luckily it took less than 10 minutes to catch Spyra. When examined her cage lid, I realized she didn't have any water. Uh, yeah, that's a problem. Graeden filled up the water bottle and she guzzled an ounce or so. Crisis averted this time.

I fixed up the cage lid with my trusty friend Duct Tape. Not one sided like before. But two sided. That screen isn't going anywhere. I think we can breathe easy for at least a few months.

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