June 11, 2014

Evan in Heaven Turns Seven

We release balloons every year for Evan's birthday. The kids love it and even throughout the year if they have a helium balloon, they'll send him one. Last night was the first time that Kira understood what was happening. And at first she couldn't figure out why in the world we'd just let the balloons go. Ha ha. It didn't take long for her to accept the idea.

I love lanterns with their bright lights in the dark night. They're also bring an element of excitement. Once we light them we can't put them down, otherwise they'd burn the deck. And then what if they start rising but get caught on the roof? Or drift into the neighbor's yard? That'd be terribly exciting. But physics say trapping hot air in a balloon makes it go up. And up and up. 

Part of me wonders what happens to the balloons and lanterns we send to Evan. Do they ever fall to the earth again? Or burn up in the atmosphere? Or maybe, just maybe Evan gets them and puts them with the rest of his stuff. Ha ha.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Bridget, we enjoyed the birthday party on Tuesday. With his picture in front of the cake with the burning candles and our singing Happy Birthday, it is just as if he is still with us in life. I was glad that Kira was next to the cake at the end of the song. She knew to blow out the candles, with some help from Jett, I believe, on the other side of the cake.

    The balloons are touching each year. I have heard that helium is disappearing from our nation's supplies. They apparently have frozen the price, so supply and demand doesn't preserve helium reserves (higher prices would cut down the use and keep helium balloons available for many years to come). I thought as the balloons lifted off your deck that the propane gas on your barbecue could be used in the balloons. hopefully they won't bump into one of your paper balloons and blow up!

    By the way, I can picture Evan up in heaven running from balloon to balloon gathering them up in his little arms as they come one by one into his reach, I envision his smiling face expressing his great excitement and joy because he was remembered by his family.



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