June 25, 2014

Oregon Coast

New adventures this summer are well underway and sitting in the back of my mind are little nagging thoughts that there are things I didn't post from last summer and a few big events throughout the past year. Part of me wonders if the lessons from my experiences will be lost since I didn't get them written. Or like a hastily written essay with it's various pieces slopped together, it'll leave my soul wanting. Wanting clarity. Wanting purpose. Wanting to find meaning in the little things. Acknowledging the problem is only part of the process. Finding notes I've made will help. Rising when the house is quiet would probably seal the deal and give my heart release.

This past weekend, we went to the Oregon Coast with Tymon's cousin and his family. We go camping every summer and pick a new place each time. When we arrived we discovered that Canon Beach was hosting their annual sandcastle building contest the next day. What an amazing find!

We looked at the number of cars piling into the parking lot near the beach and wondered how there were still empty spaces. Ha ha. We soon found out that cars were being directed to park on the beach. Hundreds of them. What a great resource for a large event. Going in, at least 3 different people let us know that we needed to be off the beach by 5pm, since the tide would come in.

Well, the line to get off the beach was over an hour long...and when we got off at quarter after 6pm, the tide was less than 10 feet away from our vehicle. That's cutting it close - but there were probably at least a hundred cars behind us. I wonder if they had to move farther up the beach (into softer sand) or if they were able to make it off with the established route.  

I've only seen a few photos of sandcastle building contests in the past. Seeing these builders in action was amazing. They had specialized tools, random foundation builders, buckets and wheel barrows, rakes and chisels. Several teams were using water in weed control sprayers to carve into the sand. They used straws to blow out bits of sand from letterings. Fingers dripped sand into trees. People were so creative with their use of tools.

My favorite entry is the one with the spheres. I mean how did they get those to balance on sticks? The "Sandhawk" gave us warm fuzzies for our favorite team: the Seattle Seahawks. Some of the entries were so fantastic. Others not so much, but the teams had a lot of fun regardless of the quality of the output. My favorite team was a husband and wife with their 3 young boys. They worked together all afternoon with a peace that other frenzied teams didn't have. That's so cool. I'm sure those boys will participate in other contests with fond memories of their childhood

The entry with the parent and children (middle of previous collage) actually had two of those and a heart...and a proposal.  It was a middle aged couple who according to the sandcastle entry, each had a couple of kids. She said yes, and how could she not with such a creative proposal? Ha ha. She could have, but maybe not on the beach in front of so many people looking on.

I really like our summer camping expeditions. It's such a great way to slow down, immerse ourselves in God's beautiful earth and creatively solve the little dilemmas that pop up only using a limited number of resources that each family brings.

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