June 18, 2014

Upcycling Adventure - Floating Dock

One of the great things about our house is the forest in the backyard. It's not really ours. But we call it that. And then act surprised if any of our neighbors are on the trails back there. Ha ha ha.

A couple of months ago at work, we got a driving simulator that was shipped on several large crates. We could have taken them to the dumpster, but I didn't have the heart for that. It seemed like such a waste to throw them out. 

Tymon got this idea that he could build a raft or floating dock. Perfect!

We borrowed a big van and got them home. Tymon got some 55 gallon drums off Craigslist, watched YouTube how-to videos and put together the raft. Then he and his running buddy got together to put on the finishing touches and got it in the water. Yay!

It wasn't all fun and games. The first time Tymon got on it, it broke in half. Ha ha. Nothing like a good engineering challenge to get the creative juices flowing. They stabilized it this afternoon and now it floats just fine. Our first upcycling success!

What I really want is for the kids to learn how to swim. They haven't done well in the past with weekly swim lessons. Maybe this will motivate them to practice more. Although I'm sure that means more time in the backyard for me. :o)

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