August 13, 2014

Farewell To Blog Fodder

Spyra's been slowing down lately. Not super interested in exercise. Or eating toilet paper rolls. Super sleepy. But just the other day I watched her hang from the top of her wheel by her teeth, then pull herself up on top of the wheel and then ride it down. She did it like 4 or 5 times in a row. Such strength in a little creature is amazing.

I thought maybe she was just sick and had gotten over it. But no. This morning she was leaning against the cage...and I'm pretty sure I've never seen her like that. So I asked Tymon to move her. He watched for her breathing. None. Then he moved her wheel. Sure enough, she was stiff. Died of natural causes? Heart ache? GMO corn in her food?

I've felt sad for her - ever since she ate Gimpy and was all alone. 
Then none of the kids played with her.
It was Gimpy who liked people.
Poor canabalistic Spyra.
I must admit though,
There's a part of me that's happy our gerbil saga is now complete. 
We had a funeral and buried her this afternoon in the forest.  

Rest in Peace Spyra,
May your children 
And grandchildren 
Forgive you 
For eating them.

And for those that made it out alive,
When Tymon took them to the pet store, 
May your spirits meet again
And you're not hungry 
For protein.

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