September 27, 2014

Mudder Nation

I can barely walk. My knee is swollen and cut up a little. I kind of think the Tough Mudder is for young guns looking for fun and for old farts trying to prove they still got what it takes to complete a challenge. And they do.  

Before and After
This year my team consisted of my brother and his wife's brother. We were roped into joining a guy in our office's team...but he also had some other friends on the team and well, they're 15 years younger and a bit quicker than us and they ended up going on ahead. We stuck together for the warm up, though. Ha ha.

Our shoes...yikes!

My favorite part about the Tough Mudder is the camaraderie between participants.  We were a small team and limited on the number of people to help overcome each obstacle. There were so many others graciously helping us to scale walls and get through obstacles. It's not often I'm a part of a group that is willing to see a need and fill it. Not only that, but there is genuine joy in helping others.

It feels good to finish. I couldn't believe I made it up the Everest challenge again. In my head, I'd planned to walk around it. Last year it was too hard. But then I decided to try it...and slipped down. Twice. And for the third try, I reached one of the hands coming down from the top. Then another guy got my other hand. I walked the wall with and got my feet up and then let the guys pull the rest of me up. It's crazy to be without strength when you really do need it. They were awesome. 

Today, I'm happy for the very physical reminder that I can do hard things. 

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