September 11, 2014

Prayer Call

Yesterday after school, Elliott fell while barrel rolling and broke his arm, both the ulna and radius bones. Pretty much snapped them in half. The doctor at the ER basically pulled his arm back into place, but it shifted and he had to do it again. I've never seen one of my children in so much pain. And there's nothing I can do to make it feel better. Bones are so awesome. I think we've been taking them for granted around here.

Today, the orthopedic doctor recommended surgery to put a couple of titanium rods in Elliott's arm to keep it from moving and allow it to heal correctly.

The surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 6:30. Yikes! That's early. We ask for your love and prayers in Elliott's behalf. And blessings on the surgeon, that his hands will be guided so Elliott's arm will heal properly. Thank you, dear friends. 

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