October 27, 2014

Haunted Howler 2014

Saturday we had our annual haunted basement party. I'm pretty sure it's the highlight of Tymon's year. He starts preparing every year for it in September. That's totally not hard core, though. We found some YouTube videos of people who start their spook alley preparations in November of the preceding year.

This year instead of doing a couple of parties, we invited everyone at the same time. That equals 70 of our closest friends and neighbors getting spooked by the walking dead.

Hilary led the tours, while my cousin's twin daughters did jump scares and Graeden grabbed ankles from the other side of the "walls". Cami was a zombified Hilary after guests saw Emma - a back-bending zombie. I'm not sure everyone got that connection. But whatever. The storyline was rock solid. 

The entrance to the haunted basement underwent the greatest improvement to our show yet. Tymon and his old roommate Jimmy got together one Saturday and made this monstrosity with chicken wire and paper maché. Our boys love Jimmy's boys. They helped out, as well as the girls, and had the most awesome play date ever.

Then the next Saturday, Jimmy the graphic artist came over for a second play date and the masterpiece took form. So pretty much it takes up most of the staircase and you have to duck under the teeth to enter the basement. I wonder what form the improvements for next year will take. 

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