November 30, 2014

November Round Up

So, my new blogging goal is once a month...well, it's not really a goal. It's sort of just a statement of how things are for me right now. Nonetheless, I've got just a few precious minutes to get this posted before midnight and December rolls around.

The first week of this month, I spent in Las Vegas attending the Driving School Association of the America's annual convention as well as a pre-conference workshop that will help us better teach those with disabilities driving skills. We stayed in the old part of town and got the Fremont Street Experience every night. My brother, cousin, uncle and I went on the zip line over the pedestrian walk zone which was a few blocks long. It was fun and had more of a floating sensation as opposed to a my-stomach-is-in-my-chest thrill ride.

I am photoed here with the DSAA board. At one point in the board meeting I was the only woman there. It was a little awkward. But then a few more came in. I enjoy working with this organization and know that our business has grown in part due to what we gain every time we meet with other driving school owners. 

I also presented during the convention. I'm happy to say that many of those who chose the other break out session last year when I was speaking came to my session this year. Unfortunately, the other lady speaking only got 7 people. I feel bad about that. But we had a good time.

I came home and about 10 hours later Tymon left for two weeks on a business trip to Brazil. Yikes! I'm not that great of a single mom. We did get to Seattle for Veteran's Day, though. That was fun.

One week for Cub Scouts we toured the fire station. Both Hilary and Cami decided to skip the teen youth group in favor of being in the presence of some cute firemen and their trucks. 

A couple of friends and I put on a baby shower for the little angel in orange below. We did a Saturday morning brunch theme and I really liked the breakfast casseroles.

This year for Thanksgiving, we spatchcocked our turkey. What's that, you ask (besides sounding kinky)? Basically, you cut out the back bone and smash the turkey so the inside cavity is gone and we put our 20 pound turkey in the oven for 90 minutes and it was beautiful...well, okay it looks like it's doing a little jig. But other than that, the skin was nice and crispy and full flavor from the brine it'd been sitting in for a few days.

My brother set up a photo studio in our basement for us. The lighting wasn't exactly perfect, but several of the shots came out well.

Babies, babies, babies. We had a few of those and I didn't get to hold a single one. Boo.

After a few months of delays, Jett was finally baptized yesterday. He chose some of his favorite people to speak. While Jett and Tymon were getting changed into dry clothes, we sang Christmas carols while we waited. I love Christmas songs. They bring a peaceful spirit whenever they are sung.

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