December 31, 2014


For Christmas, Jocelyn and Kira got we went to get their ears pierced at the local tattoo parlor. I hoped they wouldn't say anything too judgmental. It was their first taste of being in a different sort of place. Lola, the piercer, has an interesting look. Think half of her head shaved. The other half in an assortment of dread locks. She sports a few nose rings and facial piercings and more than a few tattoos. She's also super friendly and knowledgeable, works really well with kids and came highly recommended by a friend of mine.

While filling out the paperwork in the foyer the girls noticed some scary pictures on the wall and asked about them. to phrase this? It's not like I could say anything was wrong with the them. I mean, we put that sort of stuff up every year in our basement. So I explained that this shop celebrates Halloween all year round.

Jocelyn wanted to go first. She yelped as the needle went in and took a few minutes to regroup before having the second one done. Kira was next. I asked if she was going to cry (I'd pinched her ear the day before to prep her for what it might feel like). She said no. And she didn't. Not a sound came out of her, just a little grimace as it went in. Lola thought that was the best reaction to a piercing that she'd ever had. And not just from a 3 year old.

The girls were brave. I'm pleased with how well it went and how well they behaved. Now, if I can find my phone, I'll post some photos of it.
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