March 23, 2015

Remember When...

I used to blog all the time? Yeah. That was great. I just haven't written in what, 2 months? 

A friend asked me to do a blogging presentation at church in May. So I figured it's time for me to start back up again. Even if I write something small. I should do it. A little every day. Life keeps moving around us and these moments will soon be gone.

I went to Time Out for Women this past weekend with some of my college friends. I got a few ideas from some of the speakers rolling around in my head. One was to just say yes when my kids ask me to do something. Whatever it is, say yes. I've practiced it today. We had some cake on the counter. The kids wanted some. I said, "Yes! Just do your chores first." That counts, right? It's still a yes even if it's delayed until the dishes get loaded.

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