August 29, 2015

Jocelyn's Bite Update, Warning: Graphic Images!

So, I thought the worst of Jocelyn's dog bites was healing nicely...until it wasn't. The stitches were supposed to remain in for a week, so I was planning on taking Jocelyn in on Tuesday...the day before we leave for Brazil to take care of that.

Only it didn't look very good starting Monday evening. Then Tuesday morning it was horrific. The stitches busted open. I took her to a clinic. They told me to go to the hospital as there is a wound care unit there.

This is my first experience with an actual wound. We throw that word around like we know what we're talking about. But we don't. We truly don't. And a regular doctor's office doesn't really know how to handle wounds. Crazy, but true.

Dr. Sisk works in at Evergreen Monroe in the Emergency Department. I've seen him twice with Jocelyn and once with Elliott...I'm beginning to wonder if I saw him with Jovana, too. He's the nicest guy and I trust his opinion. He brought in the wound care specialist for us and we ended up staying all day Tuesday in the hospital so Jocelyn could have her thigh cleaned out. The poor girl was starving and couldn't eat anything because of the anesthesia she needed to have to do the surgery.

I contemplated not going to Brazil for a few weeks. There is pulling power for staying and ultimately more for going. I want to do what's best for Jocelyn as well as what's best for our family. I prayed for guidance and felt conflicted no matter what decision I thought about.

Honestly, I still feel conflicted. Did I do the right thing? I don't know. Likely I won't know for a while.

I went to bed on Tuesday at midnight. I hadn't finished packing one bag. But my 18 hour day needed to come to a close. Being a single parent is difficult enough in and of itself. But throwing in the stress of an international move, complex medical decisions, cleaning up the house, painting and getting ready for renters has a high physical, emotional and mental toll. We also finally closed on selling our old house (sold in 3 days but took all summer to close) and got some humidity control going on in our basement (which had several delays itself).

Did I mention I threw my back out last Monday? Luckily I found some stretches to do that help and saw my chiropractor and got a massage. While I'm still sore a week and a half later, at least I can move. But to say I've felt out of control and powerless, would be the understatement of the year.

Wednesday morning, I got up at 4:30am and started cleaning out my closet and sorting what I wanted and didn't want to bring. My spotless bedroom became a staging area. By 7am, I got most of my closet situated and had mostly empty suitcases all over the floor. I called my parents and brother crying. I need help. Now. The goal is to get out of my house by 9am (I built in time to stop at my office for half an hour on the way to the airport). I went to the office on Tuesday night so didn't have to do that Wednesday, so we got everything I needed to do done and we were on the road by about 9:45am.

When I think about the last week of my life, I get emotional. A few good friends stepped up and helped me pull my house together...even took charge when I was in the hospital with Jocelyn. I love them so much and am indebted to their kindness and generosity.

Wednesday we flew to Brazil. Thursday we arrived. Friday (yesterday) we took Jocelyn in to the best hospital in our area of Sao Paulo (Osasco). In short, I got the distinct impression after watching the nurse pack/bandage Jocelyn's wound, that they haven't seen wounds like hers before. The doctor recommended we go see the plastic surgeon in the suite upstairs and was mentioning skin grafts and surgery. I'll be honest. I got nervous.

We decided to take Jocelyn to a different hospital in the center of Sao Paulo. One of the best in Brazil reputation-wise. Unfortunately, it's not quite as convenient as the first one. That's okay, though. We'll manage. Crossing our fingers this will be a good fit. They have a specialized wound care facility and the doctor is also a plastic surgeon. Jocelyn's appointment is for next Wednesday. While a J shaped scar on Jocelyn's leg would've been cool, a crater doesn't seem as appealing.

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  1. We felt so bad for you with all the pressures you had been through and all you still had to do the morning you left. I'm glad we could support you in your time of need. It would have been a mistake to delay your trip. Jocelyn will be OK. I'm sure the doctors in Brazil are competent to treat her wound. If she is going to have a scar, let it be a "J."


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