October 2, 2015

Brazillian Cold Weather

Kira often walks around the house collecting treasures in her purse. Or grocery sack. Or whatever collection bowl happens to be around. I found this beauty in her bag and it gave me a good laugh. And then I cried. Because really, is this thermometer accurate?

Your metric lesson for the day: 
Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart
40° C =  104° F
37° C =  98.6° F
30° C =  86° F
20° C =  68° F

Your Portuguese language lesson for the day:
Frio = Coooold L
Morno = Warm K
Quente = Hot J
Ideal = Ideal.

The Brazilian ideal heat is 40° C. What?!?!?!?! I'm going to die. We had a week or so since I've arrived that was 33-35° C weather. It was hot. Really hot. We bought fans for all of our bedrooms hot. I don't want to know how 40° feels.

And after I first arrived, we had a week of 16-19°ish days intermixed with 20-21° days and I was cold. Really? I'm from Seattle. And those temps should feel warm to me...but maybe not after the summer we had. I think we moved at the right time. Because had we come from Seattle winter weather to Brazilian summer, we would have had a hard time. But coming from pretty much the hottest Seattle summer in forever to Brazilian winter has been alright.

I believe my ideal is about 25° C, which is what we've had this past week with nighttime temps between 16-18° C. I love cooler nights. That said, it's not cold. Tymon and I go on walks around the neighborhood at night and it's the best weather. Not too hot and not too cool.

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