October 13, 2015

Butterfly of Death

This past week our family was called to the garage to witness a real live Christmas moth. It was HUGE! The wingspan was longer than the tip of Tymon's middle finger to the base of his palm. It's got some history with the family we're living with...

Later in the evening, I went to the garage where the moth was staying and found this gecko right next to him. Like he was going to eat him. And while I can't find out what the predators for this moth are, I was able to find it's name through a "giant moth Brazil" search. Introducing, the Black Witch Moth. In Mexico and other regions, it's also called the Butterfly of Death and if one comes in your house when you're sick then you're going to die. Although, I understand in Texas, when one comes in your house when you're sick, it has to visit all four corners of the room to actually kill you.

Now, understand that it doesn't actually kill you. They eat overripe fruit at night. But imagine my surprise when I'm laying on the bed reading some stuff and look up to see Jocelyn watching a movie on my computer and see this...I thought a bat was in the house. Was it a sigh of relief or gasp of terror when I realized I knew what this creature was?

Freaked me out! I called to my faithful husband to get the moth removal kit. In other words, the broom. We opened our window while I took a video of Tymon shooing the moth out. I believe this one is female. Females have a white stripe and I think the lighter v-shaped stripe just above where the wing's been eaten is the indicator. 

Pushing her out the window went rather well. It was quick...but unfortunately I screamed and dropped the camera once he started moving toward the window. So it's been deleted. And this Christmas moth is free to visit death upon another household.

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  1. Wow! That's quite a moth, Ms. Bridget. Don't know if you're aware of my interest in lepidoptera, mostly butterflies but I do have several moths in my collection. Some of our Washington silk moths would give your witch moth a run for her money. If you encounter another, have your brave husband jar it, put it in the freezer, and as a special favor send it my way. I would love to have a witch moth in my collection. Would give you credit for collecting, too. I'm going to pass your moth tale along to a friend of mine in Penn. He's a moth man and would be very interested in your post, I'm sure. Mr. J


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