November 2, 2015

Brazilian Barbeque

If you've never been to a Brazilian barbeque restaurant (churrascaria), you should go. For those of you in the Seattle area, there's one on Lake Union and in Factoria. Tymon and I went to the one in Factoria next to the mall last February. It's fantastic and the atmosphere is so fun.

So just imagine every kind of meat you've thought of and more...well, of the beef, pork, chicken. lamb sausage varieties and seasoned to perfection. The waiter brings it to your table and you choose whether you want a rare or more medium cut. As he carves, you take some little tongs and pinch the top of the cut while he finishes the cut. Then you put it on your plate.

Did I tell you the best part? It's all you can eat. Each table has a little sign on it that says, "yes, please" or "no thanks" and that's how they know to keep coming back or when to hold off. I should say, though, sometimes they don't care what your sign says. They just keep coming.

For Children's Day a few weeks ago (and here I thought every day was children's day), we went to a park and then out for dinner. It was the first time our children have ever eaten in a churrascaria. They loved it. Just when I thought we were all done, Jocelyn and Jett would get more meat. At this particular restaurant the girls were so excited about the tiny toilet and sink in the restroom. They seriously went in, did their business and came out and got me to come back in with them so they could show it off.

Something totally wild to me is how many people were in this park just hanging out. Check out this crowd. They're picnic goers. We didn't see any events taking place...unless you count pick up games of soccer or a bunch of hippies playing their guitars.  

We actually meant to go to a park just up the street from this one that has a hike up to an overlook so you can see the entire city of Sao Paulo. At first we didn't realize we were in the wrong place and were looking around for the trail head. We went down one path only to see a group of 15 or so young people practicing a dance. We almost walked right through them but then realized the trail curved a little and was blocked off by a fence.

The trip wasn't an entire waste. We did find the Tropic of Capricorn line. And capiburas. A bird protecting her eggs that she laid in the grass. Oh, and some old bamboo thickets. And we had dinner. Go visit a churrascaria and post your photos. It'll be like a little tribute to our friendship. Ha ha ha. But seriously. Do it.

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