November 3, 2015

Climb Every Mountain

Saturday morning bright and early we set out to hike Pico do Jaragua with the kids' Portuguese tutor. I'm not sure if it was hard for me because of the elevation or heat or my exercise routine consists of walking with Tymon about 5 times a week or what....but there was a lot of UP going on. Here I am a few days later and the top of my gluts are finally feeling back to normal.

I think the top attractions on this hike are the monkeys and of course the Tarzan vines, which all of the kids loved. Except Kira. She didn't try it. But she was definitely interested in having a little monkey eat out of her hand. They are so cute when they take their little hands on either side of the hand feeding them and hold it ever so delicately. Not all were so friendly. The ones that weren't interested in interaction let us know by being stand-offish.

This little caterpillar pictured will someday no doubt be one of the great moths that frequent our home. Here are two more that have come since our first encounter with the butterfly of death aka Black Witch Moth.

Sphinx and Black Witch Moths

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. That's beautiful, love the monkeys too and the moths, your children are getting such a rich experience in life, they will always remember this.


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