May 26, 2015

Jett's Thoughts On Family - Age 5

July 2012
Jett, at almost 6 years old, met his birthmother Michelle for the first time since his birth. She had a son named Isaiah about 5 years before Jett was born. He lives with his paternal grandparents. Michelle also gave birth to her daughter about 15 months after Jett was born. She cared for her for a while but she is now living with Isaiah's grandparents.

Today, while cleaning my office, I found a notebook with an interview I did with Jett after meeting Michelle in 2012. Since I want to recycle the notebook, which is now full of scribbles and drawings, it's time I preserve the interview by making it digital.

Bridget: What was your first thought when meeting Michelle?
Jett: nervous and scared because I didn't know what she looked like, if she had kids or not (until we told him). I like Isaiah because he's fun to play with and he's going to give me a whole bunch of video games. It's good that Jocey likes the other girl. It's just that those two can be friends and play with each other a lot when we come to Disneyland.

B: What was your favorite part?
J: Got to watch Stitch and Lilo and we got to borrow it.
B: 2nd favorite part?
J: Isaiah's going to give me a big pack of games.
B: 3rd fave?
J: Isaiah let me play Pac-man at the park.

B: Worst part?
J: I don't know. I hope to come back again because it's fun at Disneyland and playing with Isaiah. It's mostly all I can think about.

Not nervous or scared to see Michelle again. Just waiting to go back to play with Isaiah again. It felt like Isaiah was like a brother and sort of like a friend.

B: If you could tell Isaiah anything, what would it be?
J: I like you.

B: Would you ever want to live with Isaiah?
J: I don't know. I wouldn't be able to have all my stuff there?

B: What if he came here?
J: I guess. I want him to live with us. He's nice. He is fun to play with. I want him to meet Dylan (our neighbor) and my other friends.

B: What does it mean to be adopted?
J: I don't know. Like somebody is not ready for a baby and give it away.

B: What do you think about you being adopted?
J: Weird about not being in my family that I'm supposed to be in.

B: Good or bad or whatever weird?
J: Whatever weird.

B: What family were you supposed to live with?
J: The family that I got born in.

B: Who does Michelle live with?
J: I don't know.

B: Where does Isaiah live?
J: In California with Michelle.

B: What would you say if I told you Isaiah doesn't live with Michelle?
J: That's weird.

B: Isaiah doesn't live with Michelle.
J: Why? Then who does he live with?
B: Grandparents
J: Oh. Then why was he at Michelle's house?
B: He wasn't. She picked him up.

B: How do you think Isaiah feels to live with his grandparents and not Michelle?
J: Good
B: All good?
J: Yeah
B: Do you think he feels like you do?
J: Uh, yeah

B: Do you feel like you belong to the Johns family?
J: I don't know.
B: What makes you unsure?
J: I don't know.

B: Who's your mother?
J: You
B: Who are your brothers?
J: Graeden and Elliott
B: Sisters?
J: Jocey and Kiki
B: Father?
J: Dad
B: Family?
J: Us and cousins and grandparents
B: Do you belong with the Johns family?
J: Uh, yeah.

B: Who's your birthfather?
J: I don't know.
B: Would you like to meet him?
J: Yes
B: What if I told you that I don't know him and don't know if you'll meet him?
J: Okay

B: Are you happy with the Johns family?
J: Yeah
B: Do they love you?
J: Yeah
B: How do you know?
J: They do nice things for me.
B: Like what?
J: I don't know, they let me play Wii.

So clearly there are things that both Michelle and I are doing right with Jett. I let him play Wii and Michelle/Isaiah let him play video games. Bwahahahaha. I'm curious now how Jett would answer some of these questions three years later.
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