January 28, 2016

Princeton Rugby Circa 1920

Graeden has loved the color orange from an early age. Every shirt I bought had to contain the color orange or he wouldn't wear it. With this knowledge in mind, for his birthday one year, my parents gifted Graeden my grandfather's Princeton rugby uniform. 

Wow. Just looking at it makes me laugh. Because seriously, did men really wear this back then? It looks more like a jester's outfit than a team jersey. I'm guessing the dates the team wore this to be around 1920 (my grandfather was born in December 1898). It's made of fairly thick wool and is in decent condition for being nearly 100 years old...only a few moth holes.

Well Graeden wouldn't wear it and it sat in a bag. For months. Tymon wanted me to give it away. What?! No way. This gem needs to be kept. So this past August when I was working to pack away our home in preparation to move, I came across it. 

My brother was helping me move some furniture and I gave it to him. He and my grandfather share a middle name, so really he's the rightful heir. Not only does the uniform fit Brett, but he loves it. And I'm happy. It's been passed down to someone who will love and appreciate it.

I haven't used my camera since I arrived in Brazil, which is a shame but also my phone is more convenient and less conspicuous. So when Tymon got it out to take some photos I found this photo of Brett in the uniform along side my friend Amber, who was also helping me pack my house. Three cheers for Princeton and to the team of friends and family who helped me move. You were a Godsend.

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Not really passed down so much as passed up and sideways.

  2. What a cute outfit! I didn't know Grandpa played Rugby.


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