February 1, 2016

A Month of Letters

A few years ago, I accepted the month of letters challenge. In a nutshell, I write a letter a day in February.

I thought about this a week or two ago when in a little copy store...and I bought some envelopes. Yet today, I nearly forgot. I was reminded this evening after reading a college friend's Facebook request to send her grandmother a card or letter for her 90th birthday. So Grandma Lula, I start the month with you.

I like this challenge because I like letters. Real ones. Ones people put on paper. Makes me excited for the mailbox because it's not just ads and bills. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this. 

I want you to know that my letters have benefited you, too...even if I didn't mail you one. What benefit you ask? Well, I like to write to Costco. Mostly because they respond. And one year when I brought to their attention that their price for Huggies diapers has steadily increased over the past several years (having 5 kids in less than 5 years means we knew the ins and outs of diapers) they send me some samples of their Kirkland brand diapers. They were packaged in twos. So convenient for my emergency kit in my car. Not that I was ever caught without a diaper when we really needed one. Ha ha. Yes we were. All. The. Time.

Okay, so you didn't benefit from my diaper letter. But I did write to Costco about coconut oil. At the time I had it as a subscribe and save item on Amazon Prime. I'd get a new jar every month or two as it was the only oil we used for cooking. I requested that they carry the Nutiva brand. Organic. Non-GMO. Virgin. Cold Pressed. Unrefined. Delicious. So the Costco food buyer wrote me a letter thanking me for the suggestion and telling me that he'd both look into it and also that they only stock a handful of items.

Imagine my pleasure a few months later when I saw coconut oil at Costco. I was ecstatic and just to show that buyer that this would be a popular item and encourage them to stock more (as well as stock up in case they didn't), I bought an entire case of it. So yeah, then I had coconut oil coming out my ears. Year supply? Check.

The last time I was at Costco, I saw that Kirkland brand now has their own coconut oil. And it all started because of my letter. Ha ha. Not really. But I'm convinced that my letter in combination with other letters made the difference. Because even Costco likes to get letters. I think I'll write them again this year. And request that they bring Costco to Sao Paulo. After all, Sam's Club is here. But we all know Sam's Club is not Costco.

1 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. A letter a day for an entire month, February, and no less a leap year. One entire month of checking the mailbox for that letter. Tomorrow it's "last chance" February 29th. I'll be checking again in the morning, Ms. Bridget. TMJ


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