February 20, 2016

HortiFruti - Produce Market

There were too many finds at the produce market this past week for me to fill my newsfeed...I think the cashiers think I'm funny. I just find random fruits and vegetables and I buy them. 

Then in the check out line I ask for some additional information. Not too much. My Portuguese language skills are lacking. But just enough. 

Like, is this a fruit? Vegetable? Oh you don't know what ve-ge-tuh-bul means? Let me try that with a different accent. Nope. Hmm. She says legume. Yes! That's what I want to know. Fruta ou legume? But she doesn't know so she asks the lady at the next register. 

Caxi - big and round and what is it??? I don't know but I put it in a chicken and bacon cream dish and it came out tasting a bit like potatoes. The waxy firm kind. Delicious.

Kino - they had green and orange ones. I didn't buy the orange one because there was a bad spot on it. And at R$10 or USD $2.50 each, I wasn't going to buy more than one. It's really pretty on the inside. Definitely fruity but reminded me a little bit of a cucumber. We all tried it and Jocelyn slurped up the rest of it. She really liked it.

Cidra or citron....like a sour lemon with the thickest rind you ever saw. The white part was flavorless. But the citrus part was great...and seedy. So we just licked it a little bit.

So there are some huge avocados here. I made an avocado orange smoothie with one (tasted like candy) and guacamole with the other. The abobora reminded me of zucchini. They call it a winter melon. I didn't peel it before putting it in a noodle dish, but I think it would've been better if I had.

And the bamboo shoot. That brown skin was silky smooth furry. I really liked it. I've actually never seen fresh bamboo shoot before. Only in small cans in the Asian section of the supermarket at home. I looked up how to cook it (for about an hour submerged in the milky white water that rice gives off as you rinse it). I put it in a fried rice which everyone ate at dinner but no one wanted for lunch the next day. I liked it fresh but sadly didn't want later, either. 

These bananas are growing in a random neighborhood park near our home. We pass by every Sunday as we walk home from church. They used to be as big as one of my fingers. Now they're thickening up a bit. I hope in a few weeks or whenever they're ready, I'll be able to eat one. Because that's just so cool to have bananas growing in a park. So random.

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