February 29, 2016

Vitamix Woes

Jocelyn was so excited to make a dessert smoothie for our family night treat tonight. I mean she's been talking about it for two days. All. Day. Long. Elliott helps her and they get all the good stuff in there...mango, avocado, passion fruit...ice. Lots of ice. And a spoon.

A spoon? Yes. She feels super bad. As she should. We cannot have smoothies for a few weeks. Possibly months.

Look at that hole! Did you have any idea the blender's blade would push a spoon right on out the side of the container?

I'm pleased with myself. I didn't yell. Or scream. Or even cry...though I might be doing all of that if the sorry tale I just wrote to Vitamix about doesn't fall under the machine's 7 year warranty (we're only halfway through). Because living in Brasil with tons of inexpensive and delicious fruits begging to be consumed is not worth living without a Vitamix. It just isn't.

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