March 30, 2016

Fingers Toes and Dedos - A Teensy Graphic Post

So there we were, in the middle of Tymon's English class, learning about units of measurement and the appropriate use of "how much" and "how many" when one of our friends asked me to come outside. 

Jocelyn was hurt. She'd been running around and then all of a sudden her foot hurts. And she bled on the stairs. Jocelyn has NO idea if she ran into something or what. She just knows that no one else stepped on her and she wasn't climbing where she shouldn't have been. So weird.

We had walked to church so one friend drove us home and another told Tymon that we left. It took me a while to be able to clean up Jocelyn's foot enough to figure out the extent of the injury. Was just one toe bleeding? Or two? Did her nail pop off? I just didn't know.

In fact, just this afternoon, when we cleaned it out again, did I realize that she got cut right above her toenail. And I repeat, this is all a mystery to her. Crazy. She's a trooper for pain, though. Doesn't really complain. Jocelyn told her brother that I said she was brave. Yup. She proved that in the dog bite incident.

So after I put my wound care stuff away, we had family scriptures and prayer. It should have been bed time, but I looked into the kitchen and saw the mountain of dinner dishes that had been skipped because we had soccer (the boys) and English class at the church. I asked each of the family members if they loved Jocelyn. Everyone said yes. Then I asked them to help her do Jocelyn's chores, which were the dishes and counters.

We worked together in the kitchen for half an hour. Everyone helping. It was the best family work experience we've ever had. No whining. No complaining. Just showing Jocelyn that we love her.

After we were done with dishes and counters and wiping cupboards, I showed my kids photos from my trip home a couple of weeks ago. They loved the stories I shared. I told them of the work party my siblings and I had with my parents. That we each contributed to the best of our abilities. No one was upset that someone else wasn't doing their share. No one whined or complained. We just worked. Together. And it was wonderful.

Serving Jocelyn showed the boys that not only is it possible to work together and not fight but it's actually enjoyable. They were kind and thoughtful. It's not always like this. In fact, most often it's not. But this time it was. And it was wonderful.

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