January 26, 2017


A month ago, I bought tickets to come visit my mom. Only I didn't tell her. Or my dad. Or anyone else except my sister. I gave her the info on my flight and then she got one that was coming in 15 minutes before mine. This way she could get a ride from the airport and I could tag along. We both planned to stay with our parents. Simple. Easy.

So checking into our flight Sao Paulo I was asked if, on a standby availability basis, I would like a complementary upgrade in seats. Change my lousy economy seat for better? Yeah. No thought required there. We were in row 45...aka the last one.

There were 3 seats on our side and the lady next to us moved. LUCKY!!! One extra seat in coach means we can lie down to sleep with the illusion we won't get a kink in our necks. And Elliott took hers because our touch screen TVs were temperamentally responsive.

Maybe 10 minutes before take off, they called my name to come forward and to bring all of my belongings. LUCKY!!! The upgrade came through! They handed me my new boarding pass and I was moving to 6E. LUCKY!!! I wasn't getting a few more inches of legroom, but rather seats that fully recline into a bed. LUCKY!!!

So then I say, I'm traveling with my son. And they're like, "uh, lemme walkie talkie over to the gate agent." Then they told me to go back and get Elliott. LUCKY!!! The seats aren't together. DON'T CARE! And then we get to our new seats and the flight attendant talks to a couple of people and gets them to move to create two seats next to each other. LUCKY!!!

I planned a long layover in Chicago for me and Elliott so we could visit the city a little bit. So we didn't bring backpacks or anything that we'd have to carry around all day. We just put our toothbrushes in my purse. I was pretty bummed about not having my neck pillow but not bummed enough to want to bring it to carry around in Chicago. No matter. In first class seats you get 2 pillows. One full size, like for your bed. And the other half that size, which is still double the size of the lousy coach pillow. They were like bits of heaven to a weary soul. LUCKY!!!

So we ordered drinks before the flight...they came with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. A few minutes later they came by to take our dinner order. Yes order. Like we had 5 different choices. And had we looked at the menu? There were a couple of breakfast choices, too. Both with more than a yogurt and croissant. LUCKY!!!

After takeoff they served us nuts in a little ceramic bowl. I don't mean peanuts. I mean cashews and almonds. LUCKY!!! Remember the old days when international flights gave you a hot towel to wash your hands before a meal? Yeah. Haven't seen that since....uh, maybe the 90s. Well, turns out they still do it for business class. LUCKY!!!

We had an appetizer, salad, main course, cheese and grapes plate, ice cream sundae dessert and then were left with our personal big screen TVs for the next 7 hours. Wow. LUCKY!!!

I'm pretty sure this LUCKY upgrade will never happen again. And I won't be booking business class tickets for my family of 7 any time soon. But it was so awesome just this once.

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  1. Blessed, I'd say, not lucky! You deserved this treat! I hope your Mum and Dad were home, not trying to surprise you at your home at the same time! 💕💕💕


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