June 10, 2017

Festa Junina and Golden Birthday Party

It occurs to me that if I don't blog about our remaining days in Brazil, I probably never will. So, how about starting with today? Well, because actually I was asked to teach the English primary class in church tomorrow, so I'm procrastinating doing that. Ha ha.

June 10, 2017 - Evan's Golden Birthday. The kids had a festival at school called Festa Junina, which Jett, Jocelyn and Kira danced in. Outside the school, the road is blocked off and there are vendors selling food and doing carnival games. It's a great festival and since we only live a block away from school, we don't need to find parking and after the performance and lunch, Tymon and I took a nap. The kids came home and then went back to the school. I'm going to miss living so close to the school.

We had a little situation this morning...Jett didn't want to get dressed or go to the party. He pulled the same stunt last year and we made him go and it was pretty much the best day of his life. He just ran around with his friends after his dance. This year, the problem was he had to dance with a girl. The sky fell. He changed his attitude once we arrived and had an awesome day. Two lessons. #1 It's possible to change your attitude mid-day. #2 When mom says you're going to love something, you probably will. Unless it's black-eyed peas. Then all bets are off.



We went out to dinner tonight at Evan's my favorite restaurant here. It's an Arab one and the chef is from Lebanon but has been in Sao Paulo for maybe 20 years. I can't remember what he said. I love his filet mignon with roasted vegetables and this rice dish that has almonds, chicken and ground beef in it. It's delicious. So is the tabbouleh. We tried the moussaka tonight. It was good. But Jovana made it better...probably because she didn't use eggplant. Ha ha. And she made us our first one, so that gives her extra points.

My brother posted a photo today of him and some of our Canadian driving school friends at a baseball game.

A family friend thought that the woman was my mom and posted this:

Okay I am a total crap mush head tool today...
I saw for a brief second...the grey white hair of your friend...
and took a freaking double take...like 
"Oh Look Pat got to go with JC..." how awesome...

Then I was like...

what the heck is wrong with me?

Totally made me tear up.
I hate that.

I lost it. Because I've never looked at Joan (lady waving) like she could be my mom. But here with her hair and smile, she could have been. And while I've come to peace with Evan's death, I've not done the same with my mom's. My mom has been a constant in my life. It still feels like she's at home. Except she's not. My oldest is living with my dad. Keeping him company. We've entered into a new phase of our lives and while I think there will be some great great times ahead, I can't help but mourn for what could have been.

Here's Graeden with our long time friends Amber and Ammon. Amber used to watch my boys every week when I was working. Evan will always hold a special place in their hearts. 

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