Birth Stories

There are only a few things I think I'm really good at. Unfortunately, being pregnant isn't one of them. I used to pray for the ability to like pregnancy. I dropped that several years ago and started praying just to be able to endure it. Some ladies love being pregnant. With my nausea, relaxed ligaments and the anticipation of the unknown birth date, that will never be me. I accept that.

Natural Childbirth
By choice, whether in the hospital (twice), home (twice) or birth center (once), I've only delivered naturally. Natural meaning, no drugs, no pain meds, no pitocin, no nothing. I'm not even sure how I got to choosing natural childbirth. But I did. And I do. My babies come into life drug-free and I am free from the drug interactions and dangerous side effects which may cause complications, prolong labor and lengthen my recovery.

Our world needs women who are in tune with and able to harness the power they hold within...discovering the balance between physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual strength. For me, allowing myself to work through childbirth pain on my own refines my ability to know the depths I am capable of. Natural childbirth builds my confidence that I can overcome any challenge life throws at me.

I'm good at delivering babies. I'm not so sure about the labor part. But pushing a baby out? No problem. Ring of Fire? Bring it on.

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