We never imagined we'd have anything to do with Child Protective Services...until our nightmare began.

This photo was taken the night our social worker told us she needed to do an intake. We thought our baby would be taken from us and were afraid to go home.

Long story made short, I took Kira (6 weeks old) to the doctor because she had a lump on her shoulder. No discoloring. Just a bump. She didn't cry about it. Or tell us that she didn't like it. I took her to the doctor. They did an x-ray. Her clavicle (collarbone) was broken. The doctor reported us to CPS because we didn't know how it happened. And the saga begins...

I took my blog down and made it private. I wanted to record my journal privately and for sure didn't want to give CPS any details on our family. That lasted one night. The next day during a church service, one of the speakers was speaking when I had the distinct impression that cutting off my friends and family from my blog wasn't the best choice for us. By doing so, I'd also be cutting off a major source of support and prayers. I put it back online (and hid the search box) and told my story...as embarrassing as it is to be investigated for child abuse. And you, my faithful readers, came out of the woodwork with your own nightmare stories about CPS.

Our Journey:
The Injury
Digging Deeper
Non-sedated Infant MRI
Hand of God: Investigation
Hand of God: Heike
CPS Investigation UNFOUNDED

Fight or Flight: Behaviors of the Accused

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