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Seattle, WA
Married with six children, business co-owner, literature lover, culinary experimenter, and travel-oholic. We became well acquainted with grief when our youngest son moved to heaven in 2008. I'm into health and whole grains, independence and empowerment, politics and religion.

Tymon and Bridget (est. 2002)
Graeden (2003)
Elliott (2005)
Jett (2006)
Evan (2007)
Jocelyn (2008)
Kira (2011)

September 2011
One of the many outtakes...
A good as it gets keeper...

The Boys July 2008
Frieda's 101st Birthday

Miss Jocelyn May 2009

The ONLY good team shot October 2009

The heavily doctored photoshopped shot. 
(3 of the kids heads are from other photos in the shoot.)
But at least we're all in it.

Except not anymore...
Introducing Kira Jade: Our newest Little Miracle.
July 2011

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